Be a trend-setter this Fall! 

Hey there my lovely people! It’s that time of the year when you get to show off the best of your wardrobes! Past the sultry summer, and the soon to be coming winter, yes, it’s the autumn season! So go ahead and pick out the most colourful and quirky clothes you own, and step out into these beautiful days and cherish them while they last!

In this post, I’m gonna share with you’ll a simple outfit which fits the season and also includes a print which i feel should hop back into the trend. The FLORAL print. Why? Cause its freakin’ awesome!

A light and flowy dress, which i recently purchased from ‘Forever 21’ , is the perfect match for the fall, with it’s subtle floral print and cute above the knee length.

Teaming it up with black boots with a comfortable lift, from ‘Jabong’ seemed to go perfectly well with the dress! 

To go with the outfit, I chose a matte black sling bag, spacious and sauve, from ‘Charles and Keith’. 

The fishnet stockings i bought from ‘Amazon’  enhanced my look, giving it a surprising edge. Grab yours real soon and start teaming them up with different outfits, and you’ll be amazed at how they end up as a statement for your look! 

Lastly, finish your look with a pair of sunglasses, and you are ready to go! Check out the amazing collection of the same, at ‘Forever 21’ from where i grabbed mine! They definitely are must-haves for all you pretty ladies out there! 

For the makeup, i stuck to a darker theme, with winged eyeliner from ‘Lakme 9-5’, kohl from ‘Lakme Eyeconic’,  dark matte lipstick from ‘Faces Ultime Pro’ , foundation from ‘Coloressence’, a little blush from ‘Maybelline’, an intricately applied contour from ‘Mac’, and a splash of confidence! 

So go out there, get some florals, and flaunt your beautiful self this season! I hope I could give you’ll a rough idea of how to go about it and would definitely look forward to feedbacks and suggestions for the same! 

Photography credits- Nikita D’silva ❤

Lots of love ❤

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