Hey you beautiful people!

It has been quite long since my last blog post, since I’ve been quite busy with my exams. 

So i would like to share with you all some glances from a recent shoot; Extremely simple but much to my liking!


Today, just as my eyes barely opened to a beautiful morning,routinely my hands looked around for my phone, unlocking it to glance through the notifications and scrolling through my various social media accounts. But what was different about today, was a thought. About how drastically my life had changed. Me, back then in my hometown, and me, in the present day. I realised, that life is all about change, and as you look back to reflect upon the same, those very changes can surprise you a great amount.
This post is for all my fellow friends, who have travelled far from their home cities,to an unknown land, with new faces all around, and a totally new life to start with. 


As scary as it may seem, starting over is definitely an extremely difficult change to go through. Away from your loved ones, with a routine drastically different from the one you have lived through the whole 17 years of your life, with new faces, a whole new culture, new rules and new habits, life can really freak the hell out of your living soul. 

Making new friends, learning who to trust, getting your trust and heart broken, growing through the destruction, and evolving as a new and stronger person everyday, is one of the best lessons you learn, living alone. 

Then there are times when you realise, that your parents,  who gave birth to you, who raised you to be the ever beautiful person you are, who you fought with, had fun with, hurt, apologised to, have been forgiven a million times by, fed, loved and ever loved by, are no longer by your side to scold you every time you make a small mistake,or to take you in their arms, every time a single tear shed from your eye. Those are the times you know that this change, is the one that only YOU can survive through. After all, this is what they raised you to be, didn’t they? 

College can be fun, spontaneous, frustrating, and rewarding. But the only thing that really matters, is what all those 17 years have moulded you to become. Degrees and certificates are a farce, if you are not proud of who you have turned out to be when you are all by yourself and you think about the person you have become.

This post is dedicated to my mother, who’s birthday it is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAA ❤

13.09.70 ❤

Photography – Parth Joshi.

4 thoughts on “Change. 

  1. Firstly, Best wishes for the beautiful woman who created you.
    Now, coming to the post, your writing is flawless and the pictures are beautiful.
    But, the only place where you caould have done a little better is relating the images to the content.
    Anyway, love your blog. Will be back again for more such amazing posts. Good luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, your suggestion means a lot! Will work towards better posts in the future! Thanks again!

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  2. You are most welcome dear! Keep doing the good job..
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    Happy blogging! 😀

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    1. Thanks, and ill be sure to follow the actual blog!

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