Sometimes it’s okay to feel sad, depressed, hateful towards yourself and others, and lack of willingness to do absolutely ANYTHING! As truly impossible as it seems at those times,we here will make an effort to lessen it all, little by little!

As early adults,apart from academic or work stress,there is a far bigger issue to keep up with,being our RELATIONSHIPS!

Lets talk about the reasons behind the fights, mentality of a couple after a point, the do’s and don’ts, and then just read and follow…



“Why should i text first?”, or “He didn’t call me yet,why should i?”, Etc etc are the lines hovering in our minds after we fight with our partner most of the times. Accepting your mistakes,only increases the amount of respect for you,in your partner’s eyes. Again sometimes, although seeming impossibly hard to admit,but being the one to approach first IRRESPECTIVE of whose small mistake it was, DOES NOT lower your ego! Remember,he/she is the one you chose to as a life partner; And at times,losing to a loved one feels like a beautiful victory for your own self!

But again,if you notice that it is ALWAYS you who has to take the lower stand,It is high time you both sat down and had a good discussion over it!




However bad your hands itch to get hold of that phone of theirs, CONTROL your temptation. If there is a doubt clouding your  judgement about one another’s loyalty, ASK each other and talk it out. Some of you may be thinking right now,”As if hes/shes gonna tell me the truth if i ask”. Yes! maybe they won’t! But your loved one deserves a benefit of doubt,and if they say “no”, TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT and stop snooping around trying to prove yourself right.

Remember, if they want to cheat on you, they will do it anyway! Keeping their phones in check will not stop them from doing so. So it is always better to work towards the betterment of your relationship, rather than adopt to all of these unhealthy measures!



Remind yourself, that a relationship is not a cage and neither of you have locked one another down forcing the other to stay. It is your own CHOICE. So if u choose to stay,do it faithfully and honestly. Understand, that an occasional need or urge to lie to one another is human behaviour, and is sometimes forgivable. But make sure that harmless lie told by you or them,does not turn out to be the base of your relationship. If the lie constitutes being disloyal or disrespectful to one another, DON’T ENCOURAGE! Doing whatever you want and being cool with your loved one about it, is what a relationship is defined as.

However, if you find that they, or you are needing to repeatedly lie to each other every other day, It’s time you made a serious decision about the future of your relationship!



Trust is the FOUNDATION of your relationship. Yes love is necessary, but without trust, love is a lost child. It is extremely important to give your partner their space and TRUST them! They agreed in committing themselves to you.Believe in their love for you and don’t sweat it out too much.

It is understandable, that after you have caught your partner lying to you or being disloyal to you it becomes way more difficult to trust them, But you don’t really have a choice,do you? Either talk it out and believe when they say that they will not repeat the same mistakes, Or if you find it difficult to trust them any further and you are absolutely sure of this point, END the relationship and save you, and them the everyday stress. But remember! Do not take any decisions in the heat of the moment, which you may regret later. There is always a way to sort things out. Just make sure your mental and health stability are not affected by it!



We get, that for you, your partner must be the most attractive male or female ever,and you don’t want any other pair of eyes hovering over them. But my dears, it is important to understand that people will look, adore, stare, or try to even take them away! But once upon time, you too were a similar outsider,looking at them and imagining what it would be like, to go and talk to them! My point being, you cannot control the way the world works. But what you CAN do, is trust your partner and their love for you. Putting restrictions may eventually feel sweet, but can gradually stir up anger and even hatred for one another!

Being possessive for someone you love is natural and acceptable, but it is truly necessary to know the limitations to our possessiveness. LIVE, AND LET LIVE!



Playing the blame game is very easy. To an extent your partner may ignore your baseless allegations, But beware! There will come a point where they WILL get frustrated by your repeated blames and things might get really ugly!

Instead, UNDERSTAND or even TRY to understand why your partner is saying or behaving in a particular manner, and EMPATHISE! Hear them out. Yes, you will get a say, but first hear out what they are ACTUALLY trying to convey! Maybe most of the fights you had wouldn’t have even ended up as fights if you just LISTENED.

If you feel your partner if not understanding you enough,discuss and CONVEY to them where you feel you are being wronged! Communication is they key to half of your problems.



Quarrelling, shouting at each other, or even abusing each other orally is acceptable to an extent. But when you start to vent out your emotions by mentally or physically abusing them, it is HIGH TIME that you realised that NO relationship needs to stoop to this level, and END the relationship immediately! If you or they have done it once, it is extremely likely that you will repeat the same in the future, even subconsciously!

Love is a pure and harmless emotion. Do not let an abusive relationship get in the way of your definition of it. Never drive each other to a point where such a reaction (which is not justified at all) takes place. One has a boundary to which they can tolerate certain things. NEVER cross them. They deserve that much, not as your partner or your loved one, but as a human being. Respect each other!


All of these 7 points are inter-related, and are a part of every relationship eventually in these days. We hope that conveying our point of views have helped all our dear readers in some way or the other.

We wish you the very best for your relationships, And remember how lucky you are to have them in your life, and remind them of this in your own loving ways,everyday!


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