Hello there you beautiful people! My favourite month of the year, October has set in, and I would like to share you'll a very commonly advised about, but rarely cured issue. LETTING GO. By letting go, I not only mean of a relationship, but also fear, guilt, sadness, a feeling of unforgiveness towards someone, anger,... Continue Reading →

Be a trend-setter this Fall! 

Hey there my lovely people! It's that time of the year when you get to show off the best of your wardrobes! Past the sultry summer, and the soon to be coming winter, yes, it's the autumn season! So go ahead and pick out the most colourful and quirky clothes you own, and step out... Continue Reading →


Hey you beautiful people! It has been quite long since my last blog post, since I've been quite busy with my exams.  So i would like to share with you all some glances from a recent shoot; Extremely simple but much to my liking! Today, just as my eyes barely opened to a beautiful morning,routinely my... Continue Reading →

How to dress up for a long drive.

Hey there! Finally the weekend has arrived, and it's time to pack your bags and hit  the road for a weekend getaway. Now the most important and tedious task of a vacation, is the drive to your destination. Comfortable clothes and essentials at hand are a must. So here are some tips on how to dress... Continue Reading →


Small guide to the things that we already know in a relationship, but fail to really look.

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